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Since 1996, many KM related sites have come and gone. Some, like the Knowledge Mangement Forum have survived. The following set of links was complied during the early days of the KMForum and is offered here for your examination. The KMForum renovation of 2002 will result updated links to other relevant KM sites and improved ways for presenting them in context.

NOTE: Some of these links are over 6 years old. Please don't be suprized if some no longer work. The first set had been tested at that time, the rest were just links.

First International Conference on Practical Aspects of Knowledge Management
October 30 - 31, 1996, Basel, Switzerland
Workshop on Product Knowledge Sharing for Integrated Enterprises
Knowledge Mapping
The stated intent of this site is "To define and structure, in an operational state, Knowledge Mapping.
Call for Papers -- ISMICK'96
Fourth International Symposium on the Management of Industrial and Corporate Knowledge, E rasmus University of Rotterdam, the Netherlands; 21-22 October 1996
Call for Participation
CORPORATE MEMORY & ENTERPRISE MODELING - A track at the KAW'96 - Tenth Knowledge Acquisition for Knowledge-Based Systems Workshop, Banff, Canada, November 9-14, 1996
Home Page for the Knowledge-Based Systems Group, Department of Computer Sciences at Univ. Texas at Austin.
They state, " The long-term goal of our research is to develop technology for constructing and using large, multifunctional knowledge bases on computers. These knowledge bases would significantly improve current expert systems and tutoring systems because they contain the broad knowledge of a domain required to perform multiple tasks and to explain domain knowledge from multiple viewpoints."
Another KMF on the web
From Jonathan Ostwald's thesis; Knowledge Construction: An Approach and Tool Support for Collaborative Design of Work-Oriented Systems, Center for Lifelong Learning & Design, Computer Science Department of the University of Colorado at Boulder
Knowledge Management FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions. What is Knowledge Management(KM)? KM consists of activities focused on the organization gaining knowledge from its own experience and from the experience of others, and on the judicious application of...
Knowledge Discovery Research Group, Queensland University of Technology, Australia
The central objective of this group is to develop an integrated set of techniques and strategies,implemented as a prototype, that provide users with access to knowledge: That is relevant, When it is needed, Where it is needed, and In the right format
To achieve these global aims, the work of this group is split into two main activities that will run in parallel. The first activity focuses on the theoretical aspects, and the second on prototyping.

Tested and (somewhat) evaluated links

Aegiss Corporate - Corporate knowledge management and let's you know about products, services and consulting available.

Agility Forum - The mission of the Agility Forum is to leverage the resources of industry, government, and academe, working together, to accelerate the implementation of agile production capabilities by U.S. companies. They are currently working on an agility knowledge base using Cogito' s Sentient Technology. Project Manager is Dr. A. Murray

A Business Researcher's Interests: - A very good reference page - The KM Forum is listed in the section on Learning Organization and Knowledge Managment. We thank them for the listing and are happy to return the favor.

Carnegie Group, Inc. - Carnegie Group, Inc. is a provider of knowledge-based software solutions for complex business problems in a wide range of industries. Knowledge system integration business is supported by a line of applications, technologies, and associated services, including education and consulting to support the transfer of knowledge-based technology to the client.

CIKM'95 - 4th Int'l Conf. on Information and Knowledge Management - November 8-11, 1995, Baltimore, Maryland. Conference is over but the announcement contains some good contact points.

Compu Team Systems - Compu Team Systems develops training methods and tools to help people become knowledge workers. The company exists, "to collect and manage resources of immediate advantage to individuals interested in advancing their careers in an international context". Their products are, "designed to provide a self-directed pathway to help impose order on a disorienting array of technology and possibilities, to increase one's employment possibilities".

Collaborative Strategies - a San Francisco based consulting firm that focuses on groupware, workflow, knowledge management, change management and successful integration of these technologies into all types of organizations Home page for GROUP TALK, a clearinghouse for information on collaboration technologies, tools and methods

Federation for Enterprise Knowledge Development (FEND) - European Federation building a network of excellence in Enterprise Knowledge Development. As a learning organization we are involved in: Information Management, BPR, Modeling, Best Practices. FEND is a federation of members, including European Companies and Universities, building a network of excellence in Enterprise Knowledge Development defined as the communication, integration, adaptation and use of organizational knowledge.

GreenSea Consulting - Business strategy, knowledge management, and top-level management information systems. Includes "mini-white papers on Knowledge Management. Charles H. Green, Principal Consultant

Home and Neighborhood of Alexander (Sasha) Chislenko- Sasha invites you to walk around his cyberspace home. Here you can find many links to various things advanced and frontierish. This includes a number of his own articles on a variety of futuristic, technological, and philosophical subjects, including his recent essays on Cyborgs, Mind Age, and Enhanced Reality, his message rating system proposal, and various ideas on futurology, Science Fiction, abortions, Idea Futures,Living systems, personal identity and other topics. (Sasha is a contributing participant in the KM Forum)

IBM white paper on data mining

Web surfers interested in data mining at IBM should also be directed to the Data Mining group's home page. Their pages describe data mining, career opportunities in our group, data mining technologies being developed at IBM, data mining, presentation slides, and data visualization. There's also an interactive example of the use of data mining on retail data.

The Information Worker 2005 Initiative - An interactive site dedicated to the exploration of the present and near future of life in the digital world. Produced and maintained by the National Information Display Laboratory as a project of government-industry collaboration, and hosted at the David Sarnoff Research Center, Inc., in Princeton, NJ. Norman D. Winarsky, Vice President of Information Systems, David Sarnoff Research Center, is the key person behind this site.

The Journal of Mind and Behavior (JMB) is dedicated to the interdisciplinary approach within psychology and related fields - building upon the assumption of a unified science. Mind and behavior position, interact, and causally relate to each other in multidirectional ways; JMB urges the exploration of these interrelationships. Contains a very good search engine for searching abstracts.

Karl E. Sveiby's home page -- devoted to creating Business from Knowledge!

Kentucky Initiative for Knowledge Management (KIKM). - Established in 1988 within the Decision Sciences and Information Systems Area of the University of Kentucky's College of Business and Economics, KIKM's purpose is 1) to foster cutting-edge research that stimulates, discovers, and explores new computer-based possibilities for knowledge management, 2) facilitate effective, up-to-date instruction about the rapidly growing and changing field of knowledge management; 3) establish a reputation for innovation and expertise in knowledge management.

KM Metazine: KM Metazine presents a unique approach to publishing a special-interest magazine. Each issue, KM Metazine will be published in two distinct, but complementary formats: KM Briefs and the complete KM Metazine.

Knowledge Acquisition Workshops and Archives - Knowledge Acquisition Workshops ( KAW) is an international network of researchers concerned with methodologies, tools and techniques for knowledge acquisition. It runs annual one-week workshops in North America, Europe and Japan/Australia. (See also : The Knowledge Science Institute (KSI))

Knowledge Base Management Systems WWW Page - Papers and Technical Reports on Knowledge Management related topics. Maintained by the University of Toronto .

Knowledge Engineering Pty Ltd. - a software company based in Melbourne, Australia. Premier product is the KE Texpress Object Oriented Database Management System, an object oriented database system supporting high speed retrieval from very large collections of both structured data and free text.

Knowledge Science Institute Knowledge Science Institute (KSI) was founded at the University of Calgary in 1985 with a mandate to study all aspects of the knowledge economy.

Knowledge WorkNet Home Page - Knowledge WorkNet* is a virtual organization designed to enable researchers, consultants, managers, students, and others to explore issues related to the transition to a knowledge-based economy and society.

The Learning Organization Home Page - web page and archives for the LEARNING-ORG mailing list. List is well supported and features many topics related to both learning organizations and knowledge management.

MOT - The Management of Technology M.SC. [course] at the Copenhagen Business School web site. They say that some of it is in Danish, but the descriptive part is English.

MultiCentric Knowledge System - A new tool for the documenting and management of knowledge. MCKS is a computer based system for the modeling of the real world with all its complexity. It is an attempt to overcome current deficiencies in the documenting and management of knowledge.

NWAIAG A Technology Transfer Group which aims to help Business and Industry take advantage of technologies related to Machine Intelligence.

The Official Intellectual Capital Home Page - A new page - just getting started - recommend that you put this one on your list of ones to watch.

Ontolingua Guided Tour This tour is for people who would like an introduction both to developing ontologies and to using the Ontolingua Ontology Editor provided by the Stanford KSL Network Services for creating and modifying ontologies. Use the KSL Interactive Ontology Server for developing and viewing ontologies. The Origins of Knowledge - "The Origins of Knowledge", a book under construction by Onar Åm concerning the evolution and anatomy of knowledge. In developing a biological and social theory of knowledge he visits many disciplines ranging from a theory of Power, Systems theory, Complexity, Memetics and Gestalt psychology. Onar Åm is a contemporary classical composer. He has studied psychology, philosophy, mathematics and systems theory. (KM Form host's note: This should not be confused with the book The Origins of Knowledge and Imagination by Jacob Bronowski).

Robert Taylor's Home Page - Robert is a participant in the KM Forum

Rudolf Steiner's Philosophy of Freedom Quite subjectively edited by Andreas Carter. The writings are about the role of thinking in human life. Is it possible to find an absolute starting point for human knowledge that is not dependent on anything external?

Readware technology READWARE technology provides methods to access, search, read, and use electronic texts. It does this by applying a proprietary conceptual database that knows how to locate, relate, and associate the ideas and concepts in a recognized vocabulary of words of a supported language.

Theory of Computation - Mathematical Logic & Recursive Function Theory. Topics (with WWW readable papers): Computational Learning Theory, Machine Inductive Inference & Machine Self-Reference. John Case is a Professor with the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Delaware .

Other Misc Links

Jumbo! - Shareware! Shareware! Shareware! Not really focused on Knowledge Management, but just a very good source of software!

WWW Project Management Forum The WWW Project Management Forum is a non profit resource for information on international project management affairs. The Forum is dedicated to supporting development, international cooperation, promotion and support of a professional and world wide project management discipline.

PMI International The mission of PMI is to: Provide world-class services/products to Project Management stakeholders, Advance the state-of-the-art in the practice of managing projects and programs, Foster professionalism in the management of projects and programs, Advocate acceptance of Project Management as a profession and a discipline .

Project Management Exchange Dick Billows, president of the Hampton Group, Inc., hosts this page. The Hampton group is a consulting firm specializing in project and program management of corporate reengineering efforts. Project and Program Management: Free book chapters and articles, Q&A discussion group, Project Management Training over the Internet and the SAGA OF THE PROJECT FROM HELL...

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